July 21, 2008

3 weeks

dah lame rasenye tak nulis..sejak masuk u nih..
nak kate sebok, hmm awal2 agak sebok la..nak urus tu nak urus ni..
tapi skrg alhamdulillah da masuk 3rd week kat cni, bleh la nak kate da settle in quite comfortably although i'm still having problems nak mengingat jalan ke kelas, bilik lecturer n stuff..
nak kate uia gombak nih besar, tak de la besar mane pown..it's just my problem of getting used to the routes n shortcuts..
tetambah lagi i'm dat type of person yg mmg la susah nk ingat jalan..huhu..poor me..=(
dunno really how to 'cure' it..wuuhuu..

still waiting anxiously for the reply from JPA regarding my scholarship application..huu..
hope it'll be a positive one..ameen..
tapi kalo dpt popn, there's still another thing which i have to go through..an interview..really hate to think of it..
don't wanna burden ummi n ayah no more in terms of financial stuff coz they've already given me more than enuff..
tetambah lagi ayah is continuing his studies (PhD)..ganbatte kudasai ayah!!!!!ngeehee >_<
i"ll try la my best walau ape pon..that 4 flat dream..fuyoo..seems sooo painstaking n sooo high a dream..(T_T)
but is it possible? i mean, 4.00..
bile fikir2 blk, cam sgt impossible..lagi2 bile dreamer dea is syaimaa'..+_+
coz sbnanyer byk perkara yg kene buat..bkn stkt blaja, blaja, blaja..bosan kott!huahua
byk lg bnde yg buzz my mind bile i give it a thought..sgt byk..

have to improve my english laa..so beterabur u know..u can see it laa..
tetibe tringat kat lecturer yg ngaja sciences of quran+fiqh sirah (shortened) Dr Israr Ahmad Khan..dea de kasi tipsss (his s is always long..haha!)
nk tahu ganer? ni dea:
1. willpower!
2. serious and attentive in class
3. every morning after fajr prayer, reach for the dictionary n memorize 20 new words (don't worry if u forget those words bcoz honestly, u will forget them!haha)
4. extensive reading-100 pages daily
5. speak in english-mingle with those who will force u to speak in english i.e foreigners

he said that if u actually do all these things this semester, iAllah u'll experience something different in the next semester..
but i always keep on forgetting these tips..huhu..but will try to observe them in my daily life iAllah..

so dats all from me..=)
till then, be strong!

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