November 19, 2008


it has been ages since my last update here. hehe.
just writing to let Along know d happenings in da house (is it, really?T_T)

Izah membanting tulang sampai saket belakang (poor izah haha!) alter bilik. wat pushed her to do that I myself dunno. yang penting our bilik sdg dlm proses pembinaan. tp harini mcm terbantut pulak. maybe it's bcoz of her back. didn't I say it was membanting tulang? hehe.
Atih lak pegi kllinik to check on his erm.. well Along u know it lah. turned out that it was nothing serious. Umi n Ayah freaked him out that he'll have to stay a nite at the hospital. haha.
Me. well, obviously i am in charge of Atih's welfare. welfare? it's more to being a orang suruhan adelah. huh! hee. since he can't do things much so I have to keep him company. I dont mind anyway. bile lagi nak berbelangkas ngan Atih? ye tak? hihi.

for the time being, I have no 'thoughts for the day' sort of thing. dunno why. maybe I'm lacking of ruhiyy touches. yeah blame urself syaimaa'. yeap.

to Along, life's gettin harder n harder each day. but I know u can duel em all with Iman n Taqwa. yeah! ganbatte! heee.

dat's all I think.



maryam muhammad said...

syukur dan sabar dowh~ ^^

nadiah::syaimaa'::hamizah said...

ahax!yeap yeap yeap. sabar sama syukur k mayam....