January 25, 2009

this n that


home already. alhmadulillah. loads to be done but still no traces of anything that is being done. huhu.
visited atiqah mk's blog n found some tips on preventing procrastination. hehe. useful for me absolutely.
Tok Bak's here. so good to see him kembali terisi. huhu.
the TV set's having some problem. another great thing. only Atih is able to turn it on as usual. his magical fingers. (how come???not fair!)

Atih n Izah keep themselves busy with a newbie I brought (bought). handphone gue hilang. so I had to buy a new one. huhu. ade pengajaran terselit di c2. dont overestimate myself. I'm still nothing compared to others. apetah lg di pandangan Allah. but then, Allah pandang ke diri ini? T_T

for the past 2 weeks, Allah gave me the chance to feel how the akak2 yg busy feel like. but nk compare dgn akak2 tu, mcm bumi dgn langit la. they are more hebat! seriously.
with non-stop meetings, organize programs, brainstormings, n many more.
barulah di situ tersedar akan aspek PENGORBANAN. seringkali aset da'wah ni dilupakan.
dah terbiasa dgn kelapangan, hati pon jadi sempit.

one night had a chat, a late night chat with my room mate. ditembak berkali-kali. how she appreciated Islam n loved it so much. seringkali terlepas pandang kat dea. astaghfirullah.
sometimes there are things that we see as remeh but to 'them', it's so extraordinary.
ya Allah, please save us from being ignorant.

oh yes! wanna share one tip on how to wake up real early. whether ure tired out or not, just try it. iAllah this'll help.
lullaby ur sleep with the Quran.
it just needs ur strength to really get that blanket away from wrapping ur body once ur eyes r opened n push those bones to get straight up. kalau selimut senipis itu pon susah nk ditolak ke tepi.. .. hmm.. ..

berkorban la sedikit ye diri-diri sekalian.
untuk nikmat yg invisible skrg tp visible nanti.

boycott 'em!!

-on the way to improve meself-


koronba said...

fuh...suka banget same post ini.
teruskannnnn! (menjerit dr kejauhan :p). -ni timster. ehhe.

nadiah::syaimaa'::hamizah said...

to timster,
hehe time kaseh
tp xsehebat nt
msh mencoba dan memperbaiki =)


koronba said...

yep2, akak timster pon suke! ngahaha
sbb rasa kecil kena berusaha lebih utk menjadi besar!
-yg menggunakan akaun adiknya