March 03, 2013

This is Our Deen

We always start by praising Allah,
Because Allah is the One who is most worthy of praise.

My dears respected brothers..

The Ummah of Muhammad (pbuh) is facing hardships, trails and tribulation,
The Muslims today have been dishonoured, disgraced, humiliated, belittled,
And the enemies of Allah have no fears toward us.

Brothers listen and listen carefully,

Muhammad (s.a.w) came with this deen,
And he came with a way and a system,
That if this ummah was to follow it from today until qiyamah,
We will be successful in this dunya,
We will be successful in our qubr (grave),
And we will be successful yaumul qiyamah.

The deen of Allah s.w.t is complete,
" اليوم أكملت لكم دينكم وأتممت عليكم نعمتي ورضيت لكم الإسلام دينا "
(Al-maidah: 03)

Allah is making a clear statement,
That today your deen has been perfected,
Today your deen has been made completed,
Today I have chosen Islam as My way,
This is your success,
This is your honour,
This is our pride,
:: ISLAM ::

Not how you understand it,
Not how I understand it,
But Islam how Muhammad understood it,
Islam how Muhammad s.a.w brought it forward,
This is the Islam.

Allah s.a.w is saying that I know,
Meaning from that day until qiyamah,
Every trial,
Every tribulation,
Every hardship that this Ummah will ever face,
No matter what age,
No matter what time you live in,
Whatever hardship you face,
Whatever trials and tribulations come your way,
Look to My deen (Islam),
Look to My way,
Look to what I brought upon the Sahabah,
And this is your success.

By Allah,
If you look towards anything else,
If your gaze shifts from Allah,
If your gaze shifts from the Qudrah (power) of Allah,
And falls upon the technologies of man,
If your gaze shifts from the wealth of Allah,
And falls upon the riches of this dunya,
Then Allah Himself will disgrace you,
Allah Himself will dishonour you.

Because the path that He chose was the path of Muhammad s.a.w.

We left Allah,
When will we wake up?
When will we understand?
That "La ilaha ila Allah" (there is no god but Allah),
This is your success!

Allah is The One,
" Allahu Ahad "
Allah is The Ultimate One.

Everything you see around you is garbage,
It's nothing,
Allah is everything,
As long as we have Allah, we have everything.

A wake up call.
By Mullaism.

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