May 12, 2015

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This life as you know
You reap what you sow
And when you do good
Allah will protect you
Stop you falling down

Allah we surrender
Cause he knows all no compromise
Hears your laughs
Feels your cries
He is there all the time

Make du'a
Praise Allah
Our iman will grow
InshaAllah we will go far
There is a long way to go

We pray salat it’s from the heart
Love will keep us whole
And when you’re feeling down
You know the way to go

Allahu Ya Allah
You know I feel in my soul
Ya Allah you’re everywhere we go

In your name we will pray
I will keep to my faith
Search inner peace to set me free
For my iman to raise

Allah we surender
I’m always looking out for the sign
To honor you and make you proud
Together we will shine

When your world is going down
You think it’s over
And everyone around you builds you up
And knock you down

Broken heart and pain
I’m living my life this way
Don’t know which way to take
It’s like this every single day

And now it’s time to change

Finally feel awake
Never gonna sit back and fade away
No more wasting my days
Wasting my days away

Song Title: Trust In Allah
Artist: Saif Adam

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