August 08, 2008


...this month, I gotta join in an international friendly gathering for undergrads who're on their summer hols *like me*. Labu, my first visit. Kak Faz, my first meeting since like in how many years eyh *ten?* along with her four kids maa *angah, PeRcAyaLAaaaaHHH*. Kak Faz even remembered the 'little young' version of Nadiah *oho*. The 'now big' version of me just had to take a glance back over my shoulders at the years passed and my doings., berjaya juga memujuk tok bak tuk ziarah ke Larkin instead of a bus trip to KL *sian bak*. This is my second visit to arwah tok mak's grave and the caretaker there mentioned that soon the available grave site will be near Mount Austin. The next LOCATION. And that made me think more of my DEFINITE FUTURE~meeting Mr.Death. Then ummi brought us to Restoran Mat Misai *to cheer tok bak up a lil'* for our special breakfast of Gearbox Soto. A real kiCk..really recommend you, you and yes,YOU! What's more, today I also got my Toshiba delivered home too-_^

LotsA pEaCe~


Mashizaki Keikan said...

enti terlibat dengan apa-apa program ke cuti ni?

nadiah::syaimaa'::hamizah said...

Ada program PEMBINA, akhawat mesir dan medic. Kalau takde program tak leh balik malaysia maa.
And my housemate's wedding next friday in's a major event for my colleagues

angah said...

hoi kak fazreena yg cumeyl tuh ke??
mak aih...rindu gler kot kat dea..uwaaa!!how come dea de kat c2? she's doin meds ke?