August 27, 2008

Office hours~

Just started my lesson in Pusat Kesihatan Universiti and I gotta know so many people already. First of all is our director, Dr Ismail a.k.a our 'Boss', then there's my mak cik and pak cik including missy(ies), pharmacist(s), and of course the doc(s)^_^

*It's nohing personal. It's just MaNAgEMeNT*

Wanie, you know what maybe I should publish my own 6 tahun 6 bulan *wink*

~less than a week now to RAMADHAN Al-MUBARAK..but for now, need to prep for 8am


wanie sk said...

owh yes i think you should*_*...n would really love to be among the main characters...hehe...mizah da hbs baca da??? nice ea=)

nadiah::syaimaa'::hamizah said...

izah tak moh kasi ana baca sebelum dia selesai dulu. Bab Bahasa Malaysia, fav dia lah apa lagi^_^


wanie sk said...

to tell u the truth..i'm not a big fan of typical cintan cintun malay novel coz terlalu beyond reality but this one is quite nice=)

p/s: bukan melayu mudah lupa ya=)