December 19, 2008

tok bak


wow! two posts in one day. that's a record. heh
well, I just thought of sharing a picture of my heroic granpa. hehe. we all call him Tok Bak.
maybe Along can relieve her rindu when she sees this pic.

Tok Bak was once a very big man. and I mean BIG. well, actually what made him look big was his belly. hehe. no offense.
but now, since Tok Mak passed away for nearly two years, he deliberately lost his weight. it was like 'wush!', his size decreased. don't really know how to explain why he got into that state.
what hadn't changed was his LOVE for us. also his smile =)

Tok Bak
urm, the pic's not that clear. gomen.

> to Along, enjoy! ngaha.

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