June 20, 2010

Down and up~

p/s please read from bottom up..just felt writing this way tonight..many apologies*_*

Wish me yea
Hope all goes well
I'm looking forward to see the specialist tomorrow concerning my recent drawbacks in health

We started our Cardiology rounds today. Preceded by two successive lectures in the morning. Of Dermatology. Derma was kinda likeable maybe coz it's more of clinical than mere alphabets.

Basically that's the story of me and that 'pakcik'. The end.

So that's the beauty of Quran. Not just any language of man or other creations but it is the language of Allah.

Nope. Arabic language and Language of the Quran isn't the same. See; in Arabic(i think he meant spoken arabic) the word Assomad[Q112:2] it brings the meaning of Assayid(lord/tuan) and on the other hand, it means 'the called upon' in Quranic language.

And I went uh? Isn't it the same??

"Arabic? Are you sure? Is it Arabic that you want or Quran?"

I said Medicine. Coz I wanted to learn arabic (kinda blurted it out without thinking)

An Egyptian man I met one day asked me this, "What are you studying here in Mansoura? Why not in Malaysia". (we always get these Qs since like..ever)