June 28, 2010

Tiramisu made simple~


Recipe on demand.
Quick and easy
All in half an hour insyaALLAH

Ingredients you need:
1. 2 packs of biscuits, I use Marie
2. 10 tbs sugar, approx (blended)
3. 1 packet of instant coffee, can use any 3 in 1
4. Warm water 200ml, approx

5. Whipping cream, 1 litre

6. Some cocoa powder, milo/vico works all the time

How to:

a) Mix instant coffee powder in warm water until dissolved. Set aside
b) Whip manually or blend the cream in small amount. It should become fluffy of a higher volume. Add in the icing sugar
c) Now you are ready to build the tiramisu layers. First soak briefly each biscuit in the coffee and arrange them at base of an appropriate-sized tupperware (preferably a square one). Next, layer in the cream mixture to about 1cm high.
d) Repeat for the remaining biscuits (and cream)
e) Keep refridgerated for at least 1 hour before eating

f) On serving, top with a generous sprinkle of cocoa powder

Remember to halve all the ingredients for a lesser yield
p/s kalau guna biskut marie super (as shown below) pun sedap^_^

To all coffee lovers out there, you have gotta try this


atiqahkhuzaini said...

mudahnye!akan try inshaAllah

al~ said...

Nama pun Tiramisu mudah.

Yes Atiqah, have a quick try n see if your friends like it. Then later you can always alter a bit of this and that if you like.

A cool dessert for the summer eyh

kak nh4~

Nadiah::Syaimaa'::Hamizah said...

al, nanti balik sini make sure awak buat segala recipe dalam blog ni ye..


al~ said...


ha..mai sini la..or else u'll have to wait another year n a half



pagi ni wat utk amalina ar

nahdia afiifah said...

buatlaa utk housemates sempena ramadhan ni.
mesti berganda2 lagi pahala :)

nh4~ said...

kalau ada ibu nak tolong belikan bahan2 kat wekala adik leh terus buat...panas seh siang

sila sila..tq tq

~adik yg puasa