January 29, 2011

Winter Break: A Journal~ (Day 1)


Alhamdulillah tsummalhamdulillah
All praises for Him

Cold and windy. After I turned right onto Oxford Road, I regretted not wearing the winter scarf on this morning. It's quarter past eight and Friday today also it is my first day in manchester for my electives. Sling bag filled with documents. Case containing labcoat, stets, and my new blue Tupperware. A map in one hand. I think that's everything. Ready to register and have myself adapted to the system here. Quickly I hope.
The grounds are half frosted. It is the same road where the no. 43 bus dropped me and Shaz last night. Walking past Ichiban, Lidl and Tesco, turning right then left on Hathersage Rd. After that the directions to the Education North building became more pronounced as I approach a simple white painted single storey building on the right. The sign reads 'Education North Campus'. Here I become in acquaintance with Mrs Leshia Kochan who later took me across to the main MRI building, where I have my picture taken for my name badge and register formally as an elective student here. New place new people and all, I do feel quite lost already.
Then unexpectedly after meeting with Ms Ann Grundy she asks, "Would you like to enter the theater for today? There's an Egyptian anaesthetist here. He's in Room 17 right now". And of course I agreed^_^
The new hospital buildings are linked directly together namely MCH, SMH, EH, and the main MRI. It's more of a modern style with white walls and more spacious in contrast with the older one. Theater 17 is on the first floor of the Eye Hospital.
Soon I got myself changed into the blue surgical uniforms before completing the appropriate form. I hated this part really I wonder if all surgeons did take as long as I do to change. The nurse then shows me around the recovery rooms which are separated for adults and children.