January 30, 2011

Winter Break: A Journal~ (Day 2)

~MYF at the heart of Manchester city~


Today is Saturday, our dear sis Fatin yang comel took the risk of leading the trip to Old Trafford and the city. We headed out from Deyne Ave and spent a few minutes at Islamic Life shop then the most exciting part of it happened around 11.30 o'clock when the march started to take place here on Oxford Rd. There were parades of policemen on horses, suppressor units (haha) and vans of emergency teams (i guess). And above all I took the pleasure of taking a live video when
it all happened^_^
There were 9 of us including Fatin. We had fun exploring at the Manchester Museum, taking group photos and going on a one-day ride on the bus to various landmarks here in Manchester. I noticed Blackwell on our left before we reached the bus stop(the one opposite RCMusic) where later bus 250 took us to Old Trafford. There we spent a couple of minutes (or more ahax) taking pics, Mega Store shopping and then more pics.
Another bus ride and we had arrived in the city. The weather was fine with the sun out although it was still a bit windy. But then it was eating time! What's more everyone was hungry so we stopped by the all time fav

~Krispy Kreme~
for two dozens of doughnuts and 4+1 hot chocs. That was definitely one sugary moment of my life

thanks to Fatin =)

Now that we were all post prandially diabetics, we prayed jama3 taqdim at MYF before we made our way; to Accessorize, bla bla Poundworld, bla bla bla Poundland, Clarks, and lastly Primark=to do some shopping (not me nope) until late that evening.
After a quick dinner at Chicken Cottage(here we grew to become a bigger family...complete ten) we arrived home and helped ourselves to some soul searching session till bedtime.

Alhamdulillah and Thank you gurls for being fantastic trip mates! Have a pleasant stay in London now 'kay. Missing you olls already T_T


Sugar2Spice said...

yea you went to all the POUND outlets...hehe...did u go to Arndale?

Nadiah::Syaimaa'::Hamizah said...

heee of cos la i want..

ouh gitu eh ejaan dia...smlm my housemate asked if we went last night and i went blur sbb tak tau ejaan dia boleh tak lol

seb baek tak bw more spending money kalau tak can u imagine how im supposed to live another two weeks here..kebabs, fish n chips pon lom nikmati (after more than a decade o me gosh)

wanie as my bestie, u need to remind me about spending less n study more hahah

but im so excited all over again here every morning..get wat i mean dontcha

+akufobia+ said...