June 15, 2011

lunar eclipse 16th June


dan inilah tanda kebesaranMu wahai pemilik nyawaku..

Time of Lunar Eclipse over Malaysia:
16 June 2011
P1 : 01:24:37 AM
U1 : 02:22:57 AM
U2 : 03:22:29 AM
Max : 04:12:36 AM
U3 : 05:02:14 AM
U4 : 06:02.14 AM
P4 : 07:00:41 AM

Time reference to NASA's eclipse calculation. Exact time may vary according to locations.

The last time I saw such wonder was a solar eclipse way back in 1998 or 1999, can't remember.
Was still a lil kid, fumbling around with her scientific trick she learned from Blue Peter on how to look at the beauty without blinding her eyes.
Oh those were the days.. (n.n)

Jangan lupa solat sunat gerhana!

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