June 12, 2009

For attachments in JB~


For those interested to do your attachments locally in JB, here's a few words and suggestions

1. H Sultanah Aminah (GH)-write a letter addressed to Kementerian kesihatan, and may send by hand to cik suhana if she's still available(cari di jabatan kesihatan) at wisma persekutuan (kat bandar). Selepas diproses, surat anda akan dibalas semula lengkap dgn butir2 attachment.

Surgical observation: Appendicectomy (Dr Myo), and suturing workshop

Note: wear your white coat at all times (to distinguish between patients and health care providers..white coat as our uniform), may bring your stethoscope in case lucky enough to participate in rounds with Monash students. There are pharmacy students, and a few student nurses also. And yes, kat mana2 pun pls be on time and be alert for any gatherings/meetings (teachings/mortality meeting)-where and when

Personally, I wouldn't recommend for first years to spend most of their elective in the surgical ward esp ward kidney patients during taking their routine blood sample (agak susah for these patients sebab susah cari vein). Another reason sbb MOs tend to ask you to describe and name specific signs(surgical signs)..what kind of hematoma, hemorrhoid, hernia and so on

Jaga solat dan adab pemakaian,perbualan,pergaulan with the malays and nonmalays(muslims and nonmuslims)

At recess, if you happen to be in the main building, there's a cool new lounge for HOs in one of the hospital wings have been renovated with airconditioning and comfortable beds(sila buat mcm rumah sendiri^_^)..it's on the same floor as the male surgical ward

Initially i preferred for the newly built H Sultan Ismail(HSI) yang depan Jusco beso tu tapi dema kasi HSA jugak, katanya despite kelengkapan canggih and all but manpower tak cukup, surgeons pun tak ramai so maybe not as interesting and beneficial as in HSA. HSI kadang2 refer HSA for some surgeries. So this year sape2 berminat dan berjaya dihantar ke HSI tolong beritahu yer. I'd be really grateful.

2. H Pakar Johor( JSH)- sesiapa yang berminat utk blaja dgn pakar mata, ENT dll dgn lebih dekat.
Recommendations: Dr Ravi(ENT specialist), Dr Asri Halili(consultant in ophthalmology), Dr Mazlan ayah kepada aminah, sakinah SMIH batch 7,8(A&E)

Surgical observation: Cataract extraction (Dr Asri), An emergency case on nose(Dr Ravi), Pterygium excision and grafting(Dr Asri), Ganglioma removal(Dr Zul orthopedic), Assist in pre surgical endotracheal intubation (Dr Shaharudin if not mistaken)

Note for female students: OT in HSA, alhamdulillah they provide appropriate surgical wear for muslimah(including long sleeved, small head cover-tudung). But in JSH yet to provide these. So i'd advice to bring new clean long sleeves and head cover while in JSH

3. Klinik Kesihatan UTM- sape minat bahagian managing, outgoing, general surgeon can meet and ikut Boss Dr Ismail (and his other specialists there). It's all about health services...maternal care(ANC), rawatan dialisis, makmal, xray, farmasi, vaccinations and emergency, food sanitation campaign (at canteens within UTM)

At each of the above, i had observed and participated in different surgeries in OTs either minor or major. And the level of pengurusan, strictness of attires varies. Better to ask in advance what can be done and not.

4. Untuk tambahan bagi yang berminat (for a day visit or two) at small health centres ,(esp those yg ada link,kenalan)
Klinik Kesihatan Larkin sebagai contoh boleh observe the common diseases and problems in our society and how to manage. Here there are programs for drug addicts, HIV positive patients, geriatric health care(care for old persons) and management of common illnesses as BAsthma, Diabetes M.

5. No fees required -As far as i did mine, the above hospitals and clinics didn't ask for fees or anything. Just attend on time and benefit it while you can.

Hope it helps for my SMIH juniors and local JBrians iA. Please be good and impressive elective medical students with Attitude

Allahu a3lam. Thank you wassalam

FIMA camp update: now that the official call's out it said that only 2representatives are allowed from egypt, the fee is RM200 per person


Last year it was in Selorejo Resort, Malang in Indonesia which was a 4hr journey from surabaya...

Nadiah HH,
4th year

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