August 22, 2009

Sekitar alam~


Saja nak kongsi gambaran muslimin meraikan Ramadhan tahun ini. Just splendid pictures

I initially found this awesome photo of a common finding here in Egypt. The boy's carrying a box full of 'ish with a unique background view of fawaniis*_*

which then lead me to find
these next pictures
of Lebanon
while in India

a palestinian's shadow

high up on a tree in Buraidah, North of Riyadh

terima kasih pakcik!

turkish delight *wink*

boy in Nairobi

muslimeen in kashmir

jordanian putting up lightings...of so many colours and shape

Beijing children

Teluk Kemang


last but not least

my second current address (after Malaysia)...



Specially brought to you by nh4_mesir


Happy Happy Ramadhan

.::Kullu sanah wa antum bikher::.

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