October 14, 2011

Ayah 51


To Our HERO,
* You're 51 *
~alhamdulillaahirabbil 'alamin~

Hassan bin Hushin

Opah Jahrah,
you are so blessed as a mother :)

Arwah Tok Sen, doa anak soleh sentiasa mengiringimu :)
(takde gambar tok Usen huhu)

and above all,
for giving us such an awwwwesome father ^_^
he is our murabbi, syeikh, ustaz, alaaa everything lah! hehe

his passion:
UTM edu trip to NIE, Singapore

with some of his students

Taking snaps of the nature....

Allah, please love Ayah more and more.
Allah, please pardon his sins, all of em.
Allah, please strengthen his heart and feet on this D&T street.
Allah, i could never ask for more, only that You reside with him in Jannah.
Allah, please bless Opah and Tok Sen, always..

And then a hero comes along

With the strength to carry on

And you cast your fears aside

And you know you can survive

(Hero-Mariah Carey)


al~ said...

he's got loads and lotsa students hokey including ustaz/ah, and my ex-classmates...

tu gambar bunga kat umah ker?

btw smlm after i read yur email, my hosmet asked akak da tgk fb? yur sistas got an award..and i went like ada gambar dia ke???..cekaut my comments on it v^_^

congrats on yur ipod anyway...and don't let it be broken too soon keyh.

we r prouda ya of course~~~

*Nadiah::Syaimaa'::Hamizah* said...

i'm very sure that ayah is crying when he read this post. ahah speaking sehh aku.. credit to angah 4 this post! ngee

Cloud 9 said...

Nice post